About Us


Africa Federation of Sign Language Interpreters (AFSLI) is a regional body of sign language interpreters in Africa with the aim of developing the profession in the continent, Promoting the right of sign Language interpreters and building mutual relationship between Afsli and Deaf communities in Africa.

We are united in pursuing our objectives in upgrading the standard of interpreting services and also to partner with development partners such as, United Nations (UN), Disable People International (DPI), World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI, United State Agency for International Development, Swedish International Development Agency and many others.

Sign language Interpretation is a new academic discipline in this region and also passing through a difficult situation due to lack of interpreter’s training program with absence of a proper rewarding system to motivate young interpreters in the region to pursue career in the field.

These are some of the contributing factors affecting Sign Language Interpretation in Africa.

  1. Lack of proper research in sign language interpretation
  2. Lack of interpreters Education
  3. The increase number of the deaf has outnumbered the total population of sign language interpreters per country.
  4. Lack of legislation to provide and protect the deaf and sign language interpreters
  5. Discriminatory policies
  6. Lack of Economic empowerment.

All this has cause injustice, unfair distribution of resources, abuse and neglect of deaf issues.

Regional Executives

Mr. Timothy Tinat, Chairman Africa Federation of Sign Language Interpreters

Mrs. Leonida, East Africa Sub regional Coordinator

Mr. Obed, Southern Africa Sub-regional Coordinator

Mr. Yahaya, West Africa Sub-regional Coordinator

Mr. Azziz, North Africa Sub-regional Coordinator

Mr. Paul, Central Africa Sub-Regional Coordinator