African Federation of Sign Language Interpreters in conjunction with

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters is proud to host:

“Sign Language Interpreting and Deaf Rights in Africa”



Conference 2017

May 24th-28th, 2017

Abuja, Nigeria

History of AFSLI

Africa Federation of Sign Language Interpreters (AFSLI) is an indigenous professional and regional body of Sign Language Interpreters in Africa. This initiative is a replica of European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI).  The Idea of having a regional body of Sign Language Interpreters in Africa started in 2012 with Mr Samuel Awoii, the former Secretary General of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, who felt the EFSLI model of collaboration could be successful in uniting the interpreting profession in Africa. This idea came to fruition in 2015 during the WASLI conference in Turkey. Mrs. Natasha Maliko, the current Africa Representative to WASLI, rejuvenate the idea by including it in the four year plan of action for WASLI Africa. She made mentioned of the need to have a regional body to coordinate the profession in Africa and to ensure the developing of the profession through collaborations with relevant partners including the AUD, WASLI and WFD. Delegates at the WASLI Turkey conference also supported the idea of developing interpreter training programs throughout the region of Africa.

In a quest to achieve one of its objectives, AFSLI, in conjunction with WASLI is hosting a regional conference which will be held in Abuja the capital of Nigeria, March 13th-17th 2017. The conference will bring together researchers in the field of sign language interpretation, leaders of various organizations of the Deaf and sign language interpreters, and mentors with interest in training and building a generation of young interpreters in Africa. We are also expecting participants from all African countries to be in attendance.

Expected Outcomes of Conference 2017

  • Building leadership capacity among sign language interpreters and Deaf leaders in African Countries
  • Strengthening the capacity of AUD & AFSLI for regional activities that will promote Deaf rights and sign language interpreter education
  • Building synergy with the regional government for inclusion in developmental activities of the region
  • Building a network of all organizations of the Deaf and interpreters in Africa for utilization of material, technical, and human resources.
  • Identifying new practice and trends in the field of sign language interpretation and sign language research methodology
  • Developing partnership strategies with WASLI, WFD, EUD, NAD, and NAOBI in achieving the goals set by AFSLI and AUD.